What Is Synthetic Organic Chemistry?

No small article can do any of the significant Scientific studies (for this example, Synthetic Organic

Chemistry) proper justice in explaining all of it’s many and varied faculties, however we will attempt to

provide a brief overview here.

Summation of Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Synthetic Organic Chemistry falls, as its name would no doubt suggest, under the umbrella of organic

chemistry, which is such an unbelievably vast topic that entire college degree programs exist just to

introduce you it its concepts and faculties. However Synthetic Organic Chemistry refers generally to the

process of multiple chemicals (as few as two, to as many as needed for the project) in an attempt to create

something new, generally on a molecular level. However this can include:

1: Chemical Compounds

2: Stable Molecules

3: Unstable Molecules

4: Brand New Molecules

And the last part is likely the most exciting, I would expect, as any scientific work can be cool and

important, but it would have to be a pretty cool day at the office come home from and tell your spouse

that at the office you threw together a new molecule. The aim of making new molecules through synthetic

organic chemistry comes from the idea that certain molecules may not, in fact exist at all, but can be

theorized, and if it is deemed that they might be useful, scientists will attempt to make them. However

often times the goal is to take a known entity or molecule that we know about already, and find a more

efficient way to produce it, that way it can be used in more industrial amounts.

These, and more uses, builds up the scientific study of Synthetic Organic Chemistry and it’s related areas.

So again, in summation, it is simply describing the process of taking existing molecules or compounds,

and using them to either make new ones, or better ways of producing existing ones. However describing

anything about the process as “simple” seems to be doing the field of study a great disservice.

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