The pharmaceutical industry has grown tremendously because of a number of reason. Some of the reasons being the support by government and non-governmental agencies.

rapid economic growth and the most important of all is the improved state of laboratories used for synthetic organic chemistry and manufacture of drugs.

Many pharmacists have a vast knowledge in synthetic organic chemistry, and this is a positive indicator that the pharmaceutical industry is moving a notch higher. Secondary schools and universities majoring in the study of medicine have revised their syllabi and made it cover more on the issue of synthetic organic chemistry.

The growth of pharmaceuticals across the globe can be said to have been dictated by the expertise of the staff working in the respective companies. If a company has competent staff members, then they are likely to fly high into the clouds of prosperity. Those with poor untrained staff will continue sinking into the deep sea of hopelessness. They will continue falling into hands of law enforcers for lack of compliance and many other things. Training is key.

Although synthetic organic chemistry is not the only aspect that pharmaceutical companies need to focus on, it should neither be looked down upon. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), is one of the strictest medical regulatory company in the world. It was put in place to ensure that all medicines are manufactured in accordance to internationally accepted standards. All the good medicines you see are as a result of their regulations.

Finally, pharmaceutical companies in the developed countries should rise up and give a helping hand to those companies in the underdeveloped countries. This is because the underdeveloped countries do not have enough capacity to produce superior quality drugs. Chemistry is sweet, so let us take pride in studying it all the time, let us not have an attitude towards studying synthetic organic chemistry.

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