Something about API Production

When we are taking a drug, we will be concerned about its production process. This is a natural worry since the drug we are taking may cure our diseases and save our life.

Therefore, I will explain the essence of drug production here, and the most important process of the drug production process is the API Production.

Composition of a drug

We all know that there are a lot of ingredients to produce a drug, and actually, we can divide them into two main categories. One of them is the API, which is the core component of the drug. What is meant by the core component of the drug? This means that the API will give the effect of the drug. For example, if the drug’s effect is to stop the pain on your head, and the API of the drug will have this effect.

However, you may then think that why should the drug has other ingredients if all you need is the API? This is because not all API can be easily and effectively consumed by the human body. Therefore, we will need to second types of ingredients and they are called the excipients, which are usually chemically inactive substances that will help you to deliver the medication to the body system. Therefore, both the API Production as well as the excipients production are important for a drug.


API Production and its importance

So, the API is the heart of the drug, and therefore the production of the API is essential to whether or not the drug will work. As a result, it is a must for all the companies to make sure that the API is produced well, since any defects will lead to quite serious consequences.

For example, if you are preparing a drug for coughing, it will not stop the patient from coughing if the API does not work. You may at first think that it is not a big deal, but what if the drugs are for some emergency accidents and diseases like heart attack? The defect in the drug may lead to delay in rescuing the patient and this can probably lead to the death of the patient.

At the same time, a problematic drug and API may lead to several side effects when taken by the patient. In fact, even if there are no direct side effects by the defective API, taking the drugs without effects are also harmful to the human body since every drugs will have a little bit of side effects to the body—only the extent varies. If the drug is working probably due to effective API, then the benefits of the drug to the body will be outweighed by its side effects. However, if the API is not working, then we are basically consuming a drug that will slowly harm our body.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

The regulations and safety of API

However, you do not need to worry so much about the safety and quality of the production process of the API since they are all regulated tightly by the government. This is because when you understand the importance of the API production, the government will also realize that and they take up the responsibility to ensure that the API shipped to the country are all of good quality.

This step will particularly be importance since a lot of APIs nowadays are not produced locally but in overseas factories in China and India. Therefore, the quality control of the APIs would be more and more important. After all, when we are taking about a medicine, human lives are at stake

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