Plant Extraction Methods, differs with needs

Plant extraction is commonly done through the process of steam distillation. This is a well known

technique that allows extraction of essential oils from the plants. Removing and concentrating from plant

materials are the aromatic constituents are these are done through several other methods. Here are some

of the fragrance oil and the aroma therapeutic influence.

Essential Oils Extraction

 Plant extraction is done to extract essential oils produced in the aromatic plant cells and these

are mostly found in the specialized glands.

 The plant releases it and collects the concentrated oil through steam distillation or even through

water distillation and as a combination of both.

 This helps separating components depending on the volatile constituent’s differences. Steam

distillation has steam bubbling through the plant material, while the temperature of steam can be

controlled easily and is appropriate for plant extraction that offers heat-sensitive essential oils.

 Pure essential oils are extracted through vacuum or dry distillation. While the cold pressed

method is one such plant extraction method that literally squeezes oil using high mechanical

pressure to the plant material.

Solvent Extraction

Highly aromatic and concentrated materials are obtained through plant extraction. The multi-step

process in this extraction of aromatic oil includes a solvent, hexane. This is removed and behind is left a

concrete, a waxy substance. This semi-solid to solid material is highly fragrant and it contains waxes and

pigments in large amount. Owing to their waxy and concrete texture, solid perfumes are made. They have

a long lasting, delicate aroma that is soluble in alcohol and carrier oil.

An absolute is highly concentrated natural fragrance form, with an aroma associated to the plant.

Absolutes contain a small percentage of alcohol after the second extraction process phase. Essential oils

are colorless and do not contain waxes. Thus plant extraction process differs with the purposes.

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