Plant extraction– An Introduction

Plants are the gifts of nature which has the main contribution of changing this world from a barren land to a fertile place hospitable to all living things

Plants are the primary source or means of life to have started on this earth. Chlorophyll, the life giving component of the plants is the elixir of life on the planet earth. Life evolved from the plants and even now, plants play the crucial role on making our planet to be habitable for living beings.

The benefits of plants are in multitude. They are the basis of life.

Even the strongest of the animals such as elephants or the giraffes or the chimpanzees live on plants. The vegetarian diet, which mostly contains the parts of plants, is considered to be the best diet ever. From the root under the soil to the shoot above the soil, every part of the plant plays a vital role in keeping this mother earth, a lively one. If there are no plants, earth would have been another barren place with rocks and dusty. Thanks to such plants which are life providers on not just this world, but in the entire universe.

Even though there are so many benefits from the plants, this write-up is going to cover the benefits of the extraction that are obtained from the plants. The benefits are categorized based on the areas of applications or the uses obtained. The next article provides a general overview of the plant extraction that will be discussed under this section. The articles that follow the overview will elaborate more on specific plant extraction methods. The examples or the contents covered under this section is from the day to day experience and about the most commonly used plant extraction products. Let us look into it in details.


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