Making the use of modern software for business expansions

For the analysis purpose of business the bi software, also known as business intelligence software is

a band of techniques used for raw data transformation into useful and meaningful purposes. This

technology of the bi software is significantly helpful in handling of unstructured data in a large

amount that could further be used for strategising new business opportunities. The software helps in

simplifying the interpretations and recognises new opportunities of business operations. The chief

functions of bi software are reporting, data mining, management of business performance,

benchmarking, mining of texts, just to name a few. These functions in the last five years or so have

been gaining enormous popularity in the online industry. Making companies expand their business,

this software however is more useful during times of recession.

Comparing business intelligence with that of competitive intelligence is something that could not be

done differentially as both of them are synonyms of each other by both supporting decision making.

However there is still a thin line between these two terms. The bi software uses technologies,

applications and processes to analyse mainly the structured data of the internal. And on the other

hand competitive intelligence uses information and intelligence to disseminate and analyse the

company competition as its focal interest. The companies that have been using both these

technologies for quite some time now know that bi software could include competitive intelligence

as one of its subsets. Using the software could enable any company irrespective of size to expand

and flourish.

Coming to the availability of the bi software, there are a number of sellers and vendors of business

intelligence. These sellers are often classified into the pure-play independent vendors and

categorised in consolidated mega vendors. They by the acquisition of the bi industry the bi software

are kind of a new trend to enter the software market. As the market is ever booming, the bi

software with its services has bagged in over thirteen billion dollars of revenue. Also, there are some

companies who have chosen the software for selecting the best of the breed product offerings.

Otherwise the classical way of integrated solutions comprehensively is more time consuming and


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