High Potency Cannabis

In this series of articles, we talked about the high potency, uses of high potent drugs and their side effects.

These drugs are to be used under the prescription of a doctor or they could show a negative effect. That

was most of it. But there is another thing that the youth is not aware of today. That Is the high potent

cannabis. So in this article, we are going to talk about the bad effects of the cannabis.

In earlier times cannabis was used for the treatment of various diseases. It had the effect of a medicine in

small amounts. Nowadays cannabis is used by many young people as a method of smoking. Cannabis has

an effect of releasing tension from the mind. But in excess cannabis can harm the mind and the brain. A

youth smokes the cannabis in pots and harming their bodies.

The main harm that cannabis do to the brain is that it disrupts the communication between the right and

left hemisphere of the brain. It affects the concentration of the brain and increases the mean diffusivity of

the brain.

A survey was conducted in Colorado. 43 people were asked for the survey. Half of them used cannabis.

The healthy people were having no distortion in the brain. But the people who were using the cannabis in

any way were reported to have effects on the corpus callosum. Corpus callosum is the part which

connects the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Imbalance in these parts of the brain can have a severe

effect on the human body.

High potency cannabis has a very bad effect on the body. The youth has to be warned about the excess

use of high potency cannabis.

So this was about the high potency cannabis. We hope this article will help you and spread awareness

about the use of cannabis.

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