Bioactive milk peptides and how they are important to us

Having restless sleep or sometimes you go to bed and sleep won’t come easily? Do not worry; there

are easier solutions to this problem more than using sleeping pills that could end up ruining your

health. Cutting edge complex nutrient that consists of bio-active peptides is naturally found in milk. It

is used in Europe by many people to boost peaceful and restful sleeping patterns.

Scientific studies reveal that the milk peptides also promote muscle relaxation and help stress. They

also support your daytime cognition. With just 150 mg per day, one could have a great improvement

in their symptoms with the milk peptides.

The following are several benefits of milk peptides in our bodies

 Vasoregulatory responses

 Neurological responses

 Behavioural responses

This means therefore, that the peptides in the milk exhibit multifunction in our bodies. Bioactive

peptides can be produced from milk in the following ways; proteolysis by enzymes derived from

microorganisms or plants, enzymatic hydrolysis by digestive enzymes and by fermentation of milk

with proteolytic starter cultures

Enzymatic hydrolysis is the most common way that bioactive peptides are produced. Many known

bioactive peptides are produced using gastrointestinal enzymes i.e. trypsin and pepsin. Bioactive

peptides can also be produced by the non starter and the starter bacteria that are used in the

manufacture of the fermented dairy products.

If you have a high blood pressure then you are advised to use fermented milk that has high bioactive

peptides as they are effective in lowering the blood pressure. Hypertension is a common disease that

has claimed lives of many people in the world and yet it can be controlled by the bioactive peptides

that are available in the milk and can easily be found in various food supplements.

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