Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Excipient

There are two things that make up a drug and those are active ingredients and inactive ingredients

Active ingredients are the one that is biologically active and the main ingredient in a drug and those are called active pharmaceutical ingredient. Although some substances are used that is unknown and then the add up active pharmaceutical ingredient to produce what it was supposed to produce. Most herbal medicines are like this it’s composed of different APIs and substances that makes the active pharmaceutical ingredients to lessen its strength. The other ingredient is the inactive ingredients, which are also called excipient, they are not chemically active and so they are safe as well. They are the ones that make up a drug or medicine to take its form and to deliver the medicine into our bodies. For example a cough medicine will be produced into syrups the liquid to make it a syrup is the excipient of the medicine.

Strength of an API

In determining the strength of an active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers make sure that it undergoes certain tests and ensure that they meet the standard for an API. The company back then handles every step of drug-making process but it then stops because they need to cut the cost and gain profits, that’s why they outsource to other countries specifically Asia. This helped them financially but then they struggled to make sure that all active pharmaceutical ingredients undergo the tests for standardization so what happened is a governing body such as FDA instituted intense screenings to make sure of its medication quality and prevents defects. No API that doesn’t pass these series of tests goes out in the public as much as possible. If companies were to discover that they’re violating any of the standards they will be paying a great deal of lose as well.


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