API production companies

The goal of every manufacturer is to implement cost-cutting measures even as they improve on quality.

API production companies are still using age old methods for this procedure, while others have

diversified and embraced technological advancements.

Types of API production

1. Chemical synthesis; this involves the use of advanced chemical procedures that include continuous

flow method whereby liquids pass from one pipe to another. At some point, the pipes meet and so does

the fluids. A reaction can never take place if the two liquids are not reactive. If they are, then a reaction


2. Fermentation; this method has been in use since days dating many years ago. It involves the launch of

immunosuppressant to fermentation products. The use of fermentation products has advanced with

technological advancements. Products that API production companies use now are very sensitive. They


 Sirolimus

 Lactone

 Tacrolimus

For the eventual success of fermentation, and to ensure that only high-quality materials are produced, the

operators need to have tangible experience in isolation and cleansing. Cleansing after fermentation is

done through the liquid-liquid extraction.

3. Animal sources; this method involves gathering of the fluid or organ you intend to use for the API

production. If the organ needs slicing, make sure you slice it into small sizes. Now add the API starting

material of your choice, or according to the laid down guidelines. Completion of this stage gives way to

isolation and cleansing, after which the end product goes through physical processing, after which it is

packaged and labeled ready for delivery to clients.

4. Biotechnology; This procedure gives room for the utilization of living things and products for the

benefit of making specific products including medicine. In the making of API, a master working cell is

established, which goes through fermentation before proceeding to the Isolation and cleansing stage.

Packaging is carefully done after physical processing.

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